On the Banality of the Media

Let us discuss the constantly discussed corporate, profit-driven pundits that we, as a society, name as our news sources. Society allows its eye to peer into the ever-diminishing privacy of the modern person,with constant streams of agitation, excitement and confusion. For too long and for too much time have we kept the profits in a communal foreground, preoccupied with an economic incentive as the basis of knowledge. Forgotten is the the need for a voice of contradiction, and therefore pander to personal views and ideals of each and individual viewer. Death of the word, death of the deed, death of the social fabric- phrases of national conversation,  consumer consideration and general consensus drown the common outlook. Hope, as humanity has known it, merges into the marketing commentary, the management ploys, forming a crafted and constructed “shift”  of societal climates.

Corporate media in itself rules its own hatred, creating a feedback flow of funds and viewership. The more talk of its decline, its downfall allows for the continuation of its prolonged “Death.” And eventually, from being broadcasted and molded by various teams of writers, editors, redactors and managers, its death is banal. All the conversation, the breaking news, the appearance of facts fade into the cycle of banality, losing its grasp and waning in its moral integrity, still thriving albeit a lesser shell of the shell of itself.

One might ask, is this structure due to having a large, spread out population in a country? Does information have its limits in being, well, informative?

Or because that so many people cannot be connected to one, single ideal, and presents a need to trump over the banality created by the feedback look of the news? More and more need to conjure outrageous lies, insights and conspiracies to remain in control over their cohorts?

The explanation remains without satisfaction. In itself, the argument deepens into the banal.