O, land of worship to be understood by an image seen through the sponsored lens of cultural export. Miami, MBA, Easy English, a land of rejuvenation and power, inputting the “true” vision of world management.

How sweet the flavor, the allure of luxury and yet the vision fades as the plundering continues through the decades- four to be exact. Investment in fear to maintain a sedentary populace, unable to unplug:erase:discharge:eliminate:logout from the interconnectivity in its true from of use, power. No, the interconnectivity of a false social realm continues and roles faster into obscenity, containing the name of everyone but the person obsolete. Self-help ads, personality tests, speech of patrimony and patriotism boggled and straddled in front of each persons visual boundaries, overreaching each border into a “truer” version of the world.

The taught world management based in Miami University infects and infiltrates the beaten nations of South America, with head-bending ethics first taught then practiced overseas and brought back into the land of knowledge. Practices on the edges of the non-aligned feed to the plundering of the USA, then plundered where otherwise no oversight reaches over. A self-cannibalization, self-mutilation in the name of Liberalization blends the bland taste of an overly saturated mash of indifference. Schools breaking, roads cracking until the harsh dawn that future children suffer even with the idea of existence. People eating cat food to maintain some form of nourishment in economic black sites, growing to a pressure-cooked anger directed at the economic siphon. A structure built upon the ineptitude of its own democracy bloats from its own sores.

All their fault, they are ignorant, truths held to be true in spite of easy skepticism by the rest. No, mere mocking only enhances a rage of false globalization, an ideal of a false, alternative reality. Use of acceptance with a seed of hate, use of hate with a seed of good will- as they say in all failed states- good intentions lead down the road to hell. And to drugs.


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