Twentieth Century Movements: A Series of Distractions

History teaches that the human evolution of inventions, of culture, of ideas accumulate to reflect the progress sought by each generation. At least, the histories taught in the Americas prefer that a continual leviathan remains unseeable, a force of an invisible essence. Therefore, social movements are to serve said leviathan, not encapsulate but insulate its existence.

Generations of people, dedicated to the cause, the causes against Nuclear energy sources, in favor of LGBT, in favor of civil rights, the anti-war crowd, all acting in a communal disregard of a greater accumulation of sickness, of social unclarity. Movements, based in the need for a greater integration of all members in a societal settings, the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor, turn to the benefit of alienation, a stronger social bondage. Alienation fuels a greater war cry, gives meaning to the chatter and calls of the leaders on “our side.”

Distinctions and distractions of under-intelligence from one another are what fuel the underlying leviathan. Being able to call out, laugh, cry, and not use the same lines of logic from the greater system of social separation carries a greater weight in societal change. Power, hierarchy, money and its allegiance are those of distraction, and what have been fueling our leviathan in the West. Anti-nuclear, anti-war, anti-WTO, all calling for a lesser form of punishment, but not of an absolving resolution. Just another image to alienate those of different leanings. Just another distraction of the leviathan.


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